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How To Overcome The Fear Of Being Seen

Are you afraid of being seen? Feel intimidated about speaking on stage? Holding back from realising your purpose in case you are judged?

We tend to think someone has a lot of ego if they love to be seen, and in a time of social media, this is like steroids for the ego. However, for many of my coaching clients, who are looking to impact the world in a positive way, the biggest challenge they face is NOT wanting to be seen. They wince and squirm at the thought of posting on social media, speaking on stage or getting their message out to the world. This, however, is also the ego. The ego loves to be seen, or, is afraid of being seen.

Sound familiar?

I can totally relate. At times I can watch my ego oscillate back and forth, from loving being seen, to wanting to hide and never been seen again. Ugh, pesky ego!

So how do we overcome this if we feel compelled to bring more light into the world or help support people through life?

The ego isn’t who we are. It’s a filtering process that can obstruct the flow of Wisdom, Truth, Love and Light that’s moving through us.

The Divine is neither concerned if it is seen or not seen. The Divine just is, and it expresses through forms. We are a vessel for the Divine to flow through. In Sanskrit, this is called ‘lila’, the dance of the Divine.

When we melt the ego away, letting it slowly dissolve along our journey of Self-Realisation, more of that flow will naturally unfold and expression will happen spontaneously, creatively and fluidly, with neither it being labelled by the ego as positive or negative, it just is. This is a process, so if you feel the ego rising up, and it will, just say “Hi”, give it a wink, and say: “I see you.”


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